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Riding the Waves From Miami to Key West

By James Crave

A boat Miami to Key West is one way to connect the distance of these two places in Florida. Other ways to reach the Keys are by car, plane, or bus/shuttle. Ferry services to the Keys from Miami are not available, but seasoned boaters may sail from Miami (via Bayside) to Key West. These cruisers’ routes are normally along the Florida Keys (either by the Gulf of Mexico side or the Atlantic Ocean side). These boaters also stop in the marinas on the way to Key West as long as they have made advanced reservations to dock.

Best Tours that You Can Get in Key West

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If you choose Florida to be the place where you will go on a holiday treat with your family or friends, then you are surely making the right choice. The city offers lots of activities where you can enjoy your holiday the fullest. Key West is one of the best places that you can choose when you wanted to enjoy the state and the tours it offers.
 Below are the Best Tours in Key West

Best Key West Vacation Attractions

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Key West, which is near the Gulf of Mexico, is a fascinating vacation destination. This destination has a wide variety of scenic attractions owing to its geographical position and hence, it is unique in its own way just like other several destinations. Its climate and weather experience severe effects because it is near the Atlantic Ocean. Its beauty is overwhelming and in effect, it makes it a wonderful vacation destination and all that visitors need to do is to find a dvla contact number in order to book a vehicle to take them there.

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Like snowmobiles? You’ll love jet skiing.

Book your Jet Ski Island Tour at today and save! Call 888-667-4386.

To those who have never been on a Jet Ski and may be interested in trying this fun sport with a rental at the beach while in Key West, here are a few things to consider.

I spent the winters of my youth on snowmobiles and have rented Jet Skis at the beach just like you will.  I can give a few tips, since I am from Minnesota, literally the land of lakes with more shoreline here than on both ocean coasts combined… The water of Minnesota is fresh and cold, but boating is mostly the same. Here I will offer a few tips, for fun and for safety.

A Fascinating Vacation in Key West

Hemingway House and Museum in Key West, Florida

This year, I received a writing assignment to cover Key West, a fascinating destination located close to the Gulf of Mexico. So far I have covered several destinations and all of them are unique in some or the other way. This destination is unique due to its geographical position and a wide spectrum of scenic attractions. The Atlantic Ocean is also located close by that has an impact on the weather and climate of this place. As the destination was already decided, my next task was to book cheap tickets to Key West on any of the flights to Key West. These days, low fares on prominent airlines are easily available. My tickets were booked on Air Canada. Soon, I reached this wonderful destination. I was overwhelmed to see the beauty of this place.

Key West + Jet Skis = Vacation Fun for All Ages

Key West Jet Ski Island Tour Video Screen Capture -

Instead of hopping on a City View trolley or in an electric car, here’s a unique sightseeing option for you: experience Key West from a speedy jet ski. Jet skiing tours are a lot of fun for tourists of all ages. Many vacationers who try a Waverunner or personal watercraft for the first time decide to make it a standard part of their vacation to-do list.

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Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular islands. The place is located in the
western ends of the Lesser Sunda Islands situated between Java to the west and
the island of Lombok to the east. Bali’s financial capital Denpasar is situated
down south of the island. The place has many travelers arriving for business
purposes almost all year round. It was this time that we attained the amazing
opportunity to visit the island. Although, I had conducted a prior research
about the region, on reaching the place we realized why the island is known as
the largest and most popular tourist destination. The vast stretch of lush green
landscape and shimmering beaches surrounding the coastal areas is just an
unbelievable sight. Bali is also known for its amazing traditional and modern
art forms that include painting, sculpting, dancing, music and handicrafts.

Deep Sea Fishing Hemingway Style – Of Key West Legacies and Legends

The original Sloppy Joe's where Hemingway drank like a fish is now Captain Tony's.

Fishing is one of the most popular attractions in Key West and has been since legendary sportsman and acclaimed writer Ernest Hemingway put Key West on the Anglers’ Chart. It was 1929 when “Papa” discovered the big game marlin and sailfish that still draw visitors to the Southernmost City. He would fish and write in the Southernmost City for most of the next decade.