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Dolphin Adventures in Key West

A curious Key West dolphin makes eye contact during a dolphin watch tour

Looking for a life-changing encounter with wild dolphin in Key West? Dolphins are the dancing water spirits of Key West and Captain Victoria’s dolphin watch charters give you a great opportunity to get up close and experience Key West Dolphins in their natural habitat.

Key West Parasailing – How to Enjoy Inspirational Sights from a Brand New Perspective

Parasailing - Things to do in Key West

A lot of people love Key West parasailing because it gives you an interesting perspective to see local sights. This experience is very special, and provides tons of fun memories. It’s likely to be one of the best parts of your entire vacation. Sea turtles and dolphins are often observed from the unique vantage point high above the surf.

Key West Sunset – Florida Keys Travel & Tourism

Key West sunset from Mallory Square in the Florida Keys

Planning your trip to Key West and the Florida Keys? Tours Key West is a great place to book Key West snorkeling, diving, parasailing and other Florida Keys travel adventures.

One of the favorite fun things to do in Key West is to take advantage of an adventure tour that offers something for everyone. You can not only take part in your favorite sports, but can easily try new activities. Your 65-foot catamaran will take you to one of the most beautiful reef areas in Key West. There are also plenty of time for relaxation if you need to take a break between activities. You’ll be glad you took advantage of the Key West tour.

Key West Wreck Diving: USS Vandenberg

Here are a few videos of the amazing things divers and snorkelers can see in the waters off Key West.

Wreck dives of the famous U.S.S. Vandenburg are a a must if you’re a wreck diving fanatic.  The Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg was once a 17,000 ton military troop transport and former missile-tracking ship. The Vandenburg was stripped clean and sunk in May, 2009. Since them, the corals and other marine life off Key West have been slowing converting it to a massive artificial reef.

Key West Adventure Tours

Scuba diving in Key West courtesy Thespis377 on Flickr
Key West snorkel trips are a popular thing to do in the Florida Keys.

Photo credit: LanceAroundOrlando on Flickr

Snorkeling on the coral is a fun activity, especially for those who like to encounter ocean life. It is one of the fun things to do in Key West, especially for families with kids. You’ll see some of the most colorful tropical fish in their natural habitat. You may also spot turtles or dolphins. Sea kayaking is another exciting activity that’s suited to this habitat. The water is peaceful, and you’ll be able to access some of the more beautiful areas very easily. The kayaks available for your use are well-suited to the local waters. Both of these experience are ideal for people who like a quiet experience.

Key West Sunset Cruises –


Key West Sunset Cruise

Photo Credit: dcwriterdawn on Flickr

When you book one of the Key West sunset cruises, plan on the Commotion on the Ocean Sunset Cruise, one of the most fun cruise experiences you’ll ever have. This cruise is created for people who love to party anytime of the day or night. It’s a great trip for couples or groups, while cruising around the beautiful Florida Keys and enjoying the sunset. All of the beverages, including wine, beer, champagne, and Margaritas are all included in the price. Delicious snack foods include appetizers, wings and meatballs, assorted fruits and cheese, and veggie trays with dips.