Dolphin Adventures in Key West

A curious Key West dolphin makes eye contact during a dolphin watch tour

Looking for a life-changing encounter with wild dolphin in Key West? Dolphins are the dancing water spirits of Key West and Captain Victoria’s dolphin watch charters give you a great opportunity to get up close and experience Key West Dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin Adventures in Key West begin with watching dolphins from your charter boat but you must remember that Key West Dolphin Watch Charters cannot legally put you in the water to swim with dolphins. In Florida, jumping in and swimming with dolphins is considered harassment of these incredible creatures, and is strictly illegal and prohibited. While there are times when snorkelers and divers find themselves swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys, responsible operators will not promise you a “dolphin swim.”

Swimming with dolphin may be illegal, but you will enjoy the up close and personal views of this beautiful marine animal as it rides the bow of the boat. You will experience the thrill of eye contact with these gregarious mammals. Be prepared to capture every moment as you embark on your “journey of a lifetime” and get ready for your breathtaking experience while on a Key West Dolphin Adventure Tour. The truth is – Key West Dolphin Adventures can truly enrich your life with fresh energy and transform you into a totally different YOU. Once you’ve looked a dolphin in the eyes, life just isn’t the same as before…

Key West Dolphin Adventure Tours

Dancing Dolphin Spirit Charters is the perfect way to get up close to the world’s most intelligent marine animal right here in the Florida Keys.  The good news is – the waters of Key West area are also home to many species of heron, tern, osprey, pelican, hawks, eagles, and cormorants; marine animals like sea turtles and wild dolphins, and many others. So, when you go on your Key West expedition, you’ll also find yourself eye to eye with many other species of Florida Keys wildlife – all of them of unimaginable beauty and serenity.

Sea turtles are often seen on these wildlife tours

Sea turtles are often seen on these wildlife tours

On your quest to encounter wild dolphins, you will travel to a shallow, protected area where the healing electromagnetic field of the dolphins can be felt, says Captain Victoria. You will glide over the peaceful, serene waters of the Keys. You can even snorkel over the shallow coral and enjoy as you visit the dolphins’ colorful friends in their watery playground. Enjoy your picnic on a tropical mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural beaches. There is nothing better than this!

Captain Victoria – A True Nature & Sea Lover

Venture into the magical realms of the natural world of the Florida Keys with Captain Victoria. Being a naturalist and wilderness guide, Capt. Victoria knows the waters of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge very intimately. As captain of her 25-foot open fisherman charter boat, she takes people out into the “flats” and the mangrove habitats – God’s jungle gym – to see birds, fish, and other wildlife at play in their natural habitat. Her sole aim is to take you on a magical and moving experience on your own unique expedition of the Key West wilderness. Feel free to ask anything to Captain Victoria who’d be more than happy to share her dolphin experiences with delight. This is your best way to learn more about all kinds of beautiful marine life and their natural, undisturbed habitat in Key West.

Dancing Dolphin Spirit Charters promise an evocative, empowering process for self-renewal which will not only enrich your creativity and spontaneity but also revitalize your inner being. So, if you love the sea and want to get amazing, magical memories in the Key West backwaters, Captain Victoria invites you on board for a unique journey into the playground of the Key West Dolphins!

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