Travel Insurance

Hospital sign . Photo shared by gmothermary on Phtobucket.

Travel insurance is a must if you need to be hospitalized overseas.

A lesser known item that you might want to take on your next trip is travel insurance. Savvy travel agents are always sure to include it, but travel insurance isn’t often thought of when booking your individual trip components. What most people don’t realize is that when they are out of the country, their company or national health insurance will not cover them. Also, contrary to popular belief with travel insurance USA military officials are not going to swoop in to rescue you if you are hurt or experience a disaster while abroad. If you are trying to consider if travel insurance is worth it, consider this: A medical evacuation back to your home country could cost over 1 Million U.S. dollars. Check your options, but we recommend a strong reputable company such as Travelex Travel Insurance that provides ‘Primary insurance’ not secondary like World Nomads or Lonely Planet.

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